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Sunday 25 February 2018:
ZEKE HEALY AND KAREN WALTUCH Sunday 25 February 2018

Sun 25 Feb 2018, 19:00 - Barbès, New York
Sun 02/25
ZEKE HEALY AND KAREN WALTUCH. Zeke and Karen play resonator guitar and viola to support vocal duets. They create a refined exuberance reminiscent of tabletop fireworks, extracting from and recalibrating your new favorite songs.
STEPHANE WREMBEL Sunday 25 February 2018

Sun 25 Feb 2018, 21:00 - Barbès, New York
Sun 02/25 STEPHANE WREMBEL . The French virtuoso guitarist first learned his craft with the manouche (the French Gypsies) but he has also gotten deep into American vernacular musical styles. He scored the theme song to Woody Allen´s "Midnight in Paris" which he also performed live dng the 2012 Academy Awards and he has been called "a revelation" by Rolling Stone. While his playing falls into the g

Monday 26 February 2018:
BRAIN CLOUD Monday 26 February 2018

Mon 26 Feb 2018, 19:00 - Barbès, New York
Mon 02/26
BRAIN CLOUD . Every Monday. "My brain is cloudy, my soul is upside-down... When I get that low-down feeling, I know the blues must be someplace around." (Bob Wills)The Brain Cloud’s brand of western swing draws from the New Orleans-meets-Texas, strings-meet-horns, jazz-meets-country sound that Bob Wills perfected on his mid-1940’s Tiffany Transcriptions radio broadcasts. The Brain Cl
BULLA EN EL BARRIO Monday 26 February 2018

Mon 26 Feb 2018, 21:30 - Barbès, New York
Mon 02/26
TROPICAL VORTEX MONDAYS!. Every Monday, Tropical Vortex showcases bands and DJs who specialize in variations on Tropical sounds from Latinolandia and elsewhere.
BULLA EN EL BARRIO . Led by Barranquilla native Carolina Oliveros, the drummers and singers of Bulla en el Barrio explore new and classic Bailes Cantados of Bullerengue. Bullerengue originated on the Carribean Colombian

Tuesday 27 February 2018:
SLAVIC SOUL PARTY Tuesday 27 February 2018

Tue 27 Feb 2018, 21:00 - Barbès, New York
album - "Plays Duke Ellington´s Far East Suite" was recorded live at Barbès. John Carlson & Kenny Warren
... Bentley (tuba), Matt Moran and Chris Stromquist (go?/snare/perc). $10
ATTIAS & FRIENDS Tuesday 27 February 2018

Tue 27 Feb 2018, 19:00 - Barbès, New York
Tue 02/27
ATTIAS & FRIENDS. Michael Attias presents an ongoing residency.
LONBERG-HOLM/ATTIAS 4TET . Chicago based cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm has played and studied music in a variety of situations from the Juilliard School to the gutter.   A former student of Anthony Braxton, Morton  Feldman, Bunita Marcus and Pauline Oliveros, he has played with too many people to list - Over the years

Wednesday 28 February 2018:
GRETA GERTLER GOLD Wednesday 28 February 2018

Wed 28 Feb 2018, 22:00 - Barbès, New York
Wed 02/28
GRETA GERTLER GOLD. in addition to her work with The Universal Thump as performer, composer and producer, Greta Gertler Gold is currently working on new, non-traditional musicals, including a collaboration with TONY Award winning artist, Stew. Tonight, she will be drawing material from her various original repertoires.
8:00pm Wed 02/28

Thursday 1 March 2018:
SESSION AMERICANA Thursday 1 March 2018

Thu 1 Mar 2018, 22:00 - Barbès, New York
, Session Americana sets up home at Barbes for the whole month of March - they will be here every Thursday

Thu 1 Mar 2018, 20:00 - Barbès, New York
Thu 03/01 GREG SQUARED´S GREAT CIRCLES. The clarinet and saxophone player has specialized in music from across the Balkan for the better part of this century. He has learned directly from some of the masters including Selim Sesler, Ferus Mustafov and the late Sami-Buco Zekirovski (of Esma Redzepova’s band. His new project is inspired by generations of navigators who have long followed great 

Friday 2 March 2018:
YOTOCO Friday 2 March 2018

Fri 2 Mar 2018, 22:00 - Barbès, New York
Sat 03/02 YOTOCO . Named after a small Colombian town in the Valle del Cauca, Yotoco brings the feeling of a "made in Brooklyn" Parranda to their performances. What they play isn't exactly salsa, son, cumbia, merengue or psychedelic rock; it isn't rumba, funk, bomba or plena - but It draws from all of those traditions, transcends them, and creates something new, trippy, and very danceable. With Se

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